Core Technology/

Core technology

  • GrandCore Visual perception fusion platform

    GrandCore "Cloud edge and end" fusion AI visual intelligence analysis platform, including video decoding, target detection, target tracking, human, vehicle, object attribute recognition and other typical scene applications.
    • Flexible customization: quickly realize the customized development of business scenarios through modular development;
    • Cloud edge-end fusion;
    • Rich algorithms;
    • Rich hardware.

  • GrandTrack ReID

    GrandTrack ReID leads the industry in accuracy and speed:
    • Efficient tracking;
    • Accurate re-identification;
    • ReID stability.

  • SoftFPN lightweight target detection

    The SoftFPN lightweight detection algorithm developed by Gaotong Technology is in the international leading level in algorithm and application:
    • Algorithm advantages;
    • Excellent performance;
    • Strong generalization.

Technical advantages

  • Visual Perception

    Cloud edge-to-end fusion, video structuring.

  • Safe and Controllable

    A variety of hardware encryption method, data theft prevention.

  • ReID

    Multi-scene cross-mirror fusion to realize the whole process monitoring.

  • Lightweight Detection

    The algorithm is accurate and efficient, and the resources are fully utilized.

Technical team

  • 70% +

    R&D personnel account for more than 70%.

  • 180 +

    180+ senior scientists and industry experts from the world's top universities and research institutions.

  • Independent IPR

    Dozens of core key technology applications and authorized invention patents, 100+ software Copyrights.

  • AI Development Research Institute

    Many papers have been collected by ICPR, IJCNN, ACSAC and other international famous conferences.

Industry university cooperation

  • AI Application Research Center with NUAA
  • National Key R&D Program with Beijing Institute of Technology (TBD)
  • Horizontal topic technology development agreement with Nanchang University.